The Future of Work

Technology is the new god.

It can design human life. Some technologies are not mortal but several clearly have a resurrection power.

Knowledge is the new currency.

It is a key resource in 21st century and fortunately this resource is not depleted by use.

Millennials are the new boss.

By 2030, The Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce and they express the need to choose when and where to work.

Work is the new leisure.

Work is what we do for a living and can be what we are living for.

These are some of the trends that spark a lot of enthusiastic discussion and endless imagination. Why does it matter? Of course, humans need to work not only for earning money to buy things but also for self-fulfilment and for killing our 50+ years of life on earth.

I have seen some incredible movies and videos depicting future scenarios of working life before but when it came to generating one by myself, it was an enjoyment beyond measure.

This is the MAIM1 live project with an external client, we were asked to produce two scenarios per team that outline the future of work.

Here are our process and methodologies.

  1. First, we did preliminary research of key discourses of risk, uncertainty, life and work.
  1. Following the human-centre design approach, we started with the user needs. We conduct a dip-stick interview using 5 WHYS to delve deeper and surface insights. Gen Y is our main target audience for our 2 scenarios based on Forbes study in 2012 showing that Gen Y will make up approximately 75% of the global workforce by 2025.
  2. Through understanding of current trends and user needs, we identified upcoming trends related to work, and we crafted out 2 scenarios.




And here’s our output. Let’s see the animation I made to depict our two scenarios. Note that these videos are non-commercial pieces and are used for educational purpose only.


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